chelsea groomer

Don't let size fool you, this 24 year old pint size groomer has a passion for pitbulls.  "They really have a bad rap of being mean dogs, I find it's all how they are raised, not the breed".

Michigan born Chelsea has 13 adopted siblings and has spent the past 10 years in the sunshine state. She is grooming academy accredited and you'll find her making house calls in the state of the art Groomingtales mobile van. A true professional, this groomer can tame a temper in a heartbeat.Besides her own Pit mix " Pretty Boy" , she enjoys reading, the beach, and bike riding in her spare time.

Chelsea is particularly talented at grooming " round faces" like shih tzus.She plans to be a dental hygienist which guarantees your pooch will return home from the salon with a smile and a wag.Chelsea's favorite holiday is Christmas so don't forget to call for the Holidays to help fido stay festive. Make sure to book early!


Gift Certificates Available

Whether a Holiday gift idea, Furry friends Birthday, or maybe a "Thank you" . 

A gift certificate from Grooming Tales Salon is a thoughtful and unique way to treat a pet owner. Sure to bring a smile and a wag to anyone!